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Employer Frontex
Job Title Sne - Maritime Surveillance Expert

SECONDED NATIONAL EXPERT- Maritime Surveillance Expert- 2 posts (Frontex Situation Centre)

Length of secondment: 3 years

The situation monitoring function, carried out by FSC’s team of Senior Duty Officers (SDO), aims at providing a timely and updated situational picture of the irregular migration situation at the external borders of the EU, through continuous monitoring, production and delivery of informed
situational reports and alerts to internal and external stakeholders.
Closely related to situation monitoring, operational media monitoring plays a fundamental role in providing situational awareness, through the permanent monitoring of EU and third countries’ open sources, including social media.
In addition, crisis monitoring and crisis management support are becoming an increasingly relevant area of activity for FSC, in which SDO play a crucial role by performing situation monitoring and escalating to senior management according to the applicable procedures.
Among the general FSC task of situation monitoring, the Multipurpose Aerial Surveillance (MAS) provides real time monitoring of specific pre-frontier areas.

The MAS concept is based on the collection of data (i.e. raster images or vector data) and Full Motion Video (FMV) by means of sensors installed on a Fixed-Wing aircraft (i.e. aerial asset) which is then streamed in real-time to the Monitoring Team. The operations are coordinated by the European Monitoring Team (EMT) established in the Frontex Situation Centre, mirroring the structure of a Eurosur National Coordination Centre by aggregating multiple authorities and coordinating their decision-making capability.
The primary aim of MAS is to support Frontex, other EU Agency and Member States in the surveillance activities in a specific operational area.

The operational objectives of MAS could be summarized as follows:
-Support, with real-time monitoring, the operational implementation of coast guard functions;
-Enhance border security;
-Perform fisheries surveillance;
-Perform pre-frontier monitoring;
-Contribute to Search and Rescue operations;
-Enhance exchange of information between the participating agencies.

Tasks and responsibilities:
Reporting to the Head of Sector (and under the supervision of the respective Team Leader), the main duties related to this post/position are:
-To coordinate MAS aircraft flight operations.
-To direct the patrolling activity of the MAS aerial asset in order to fulfill the mission objective;
-To assign tasks to aircrafts, coordinate multiple assets operations, contributing to the effectiveness of the missions
-To compile and produce the necessary documentation enabling effective work of the European Surveillance Team
-To take up initiative where and when necessary for gaining a timely situational awareness, also by liaising directly with external stakeholders such as National Coordination Centres (NCC) or Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCC)
-To make sure that the relevant authorities receive constant information flow during flight operations.

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